Our Services

Our Services

(1) Marine Survey

Professional and experienced marine surveyors play a vital role in the maritime industry to keep the shipping industry running and its ships afloat. Our surveyors have accumulated a wealth of experience over the years from their work at sea and ashore.

MetaCentre NZ Limited offers the following marine survey services:

  • Pre-Purchase Survey

We provide a detailed inspection and report on all aspects of hull structure, deck fittings, rig, machinery & equipment, engineering systems, and normally accessible parts of the vessel to assist clients in making a well-informed purchase decision.

  • On/Off Hire Surveys

These surveys record the condition of pertinent parts of the vessel at commencement or on completion of a charter. Relevant areas of the vessel where damage is likely to occur (deck, hold, rails, cargo gear, hatch covers etc.) are inspected according to factors concerning the charter. A bunker survey is also carried out during the survey. Vessel documentation is also checked and copies are obtained for reference. Photographic evidence is also taken to support the survey findings.

  • Condition Survey

This type of survey provides a comprehensive report concerning the condition of the vessel, and is often commissioned by a client prior to negotiating for vessel charter or change of ownership.

  • Damage Survey

The purpose of Damage Survey is to carry out thorough investigation of the circumstances leading to the damage. The extents of damages are recorded including with photographic evidence with investigation report on potential causes.

(2) Marine Services

We provide cost effective services related to supervision, weighing and sampling, which are tailored to meet individual customer requirements. Our professional cargo surveyors are capable of providing services at stores, warehouses, manufacturing sites, and ports of loading and discharge.

MetaCentre NZ Limited offers the following marine services:

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection

We provide detailed inspection of goods prior to the shipment to ensure that the shipment is in strict conformity to LC, purchase order, contract, and packing list. Goods are checked for quantity, quality, packing condition, and labeling prior to the loading into containers. Sealing of container is also done as added security. On completion of inspection, findings are reported accurately and rapidly by issuing PSI certificates.

  • Loading and Discharge Cargo Survey

This survey is carried out to confirm that the proper loading and discharge procedures are followed in accordance with the standard practice and/or client’s instruction. This includes checking compliance with the proper stowage and lashing, securing of the cargo, reduction of loss or damage of goods during shipment, and other recommended practices.

  • Vehicle Out-Turn Survey

With mass transportation of automobiles across the oceans and continents, the need for automobile condition survey is of growing importance in the automobile transport industry. We do carry out vehicle condition and damage survey to aid to the settlement of disputes among the parties.

  • Out-Turn Survey

This type of survey is generally done for steel products and is conducted upon a vessel’s arrival at a discharge port for the purpose of establishing any damage and/or shift of break-bulk cargo. It often involves Silver Nitrate test for chloride residues to establish the possibility of salt water contamination. The survey can be carried out for the entire discharge operation to ascertain if the alleged damages have occurred before, after or during the discharge operation. We also document the safe and appropriate storage and loading of the cargo.

(3) Naval Architecture

Our naval architects are professional engineers with expertise on the design, construction supervision, and repair of both civil and military ships, boats, other marine vessels, and offshore structures.

With a team of motivated and experienced crews, we provide all disciplines of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering services for cost effective and high quality ship design solutions.

Furthermore, we have collaboration with MetaCentre UK Ltd. to substantiate our capacity to carry out marine solution work including design, consultancy, material supply and project management.

(4) Technical Consultancy

By drawing on a broad mix of capabilities, and specialist knowledge, skills, and expertise of our team members, we provide comprehensive professional consultancy services to the maritime industry with reports tailored to specific requirements.

  • Project Management

Our Project Management professionals, who are experienced naval architects, marine engineers, mechanical engineers, and who worked on board and yard, will undertake the best approach to successfully complete your project. Our project management services include offering cost-effective and flexible solutions to meet your objectives, and managing and supervising of modifications, repair works, or a complete project.

  • MOSS Documentation Preparation

Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS) is the new system that came into force in New Zealand from 1 July 2014 to improve the safety in maritime transport operations. An owner or operator needs to know the risks and hazards related to their operations, and possible solutions to managing those risks and preventing harm. The new MOSS rules require developing a safety system that is tailored to the operation. Therefore, the entire operation needs to be assessed to identify possible safety risks, their implications, and to put in place an effective risk management system. In order to ensure that you company complies with the MOSS rules, we can undertake the assessment and safety system development and prepare all required documents related to the safety systems and operation procedures on behalf of your company.

(5) Other Services

Our professionals have a wide range of cargo and marine experience and can handle all types of surveys and inspections, including but not limited to:

  • Container surveys inclusive of reefers and flat-racks
  • Break Bulk Surveys
  • Statutory Flag State Inspections.

Please feel free to send an enquiry if you are not sure whether your required service is listed here. We may be in a position to offer you a solution.